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"The Step-By-Step Program You Need To Get Hired As a Data Scientist!"

In Just 12 Weeks, You Will Know How To Become A Data Scientist, Even If You Don't Have a Ph.D. Or Prior Job Experience...

There's no doubt about it: data science is THE hottest field today:

Imagine having all this in your life:

  • You get to work on cutting-edge applications that our changing our world
  • You work for an exciting company that is growing rapidly
  • You have very generous benefits, like the ability to work when and where want, unlimited time off, and even encouraged to attend conferences where you would learn more
  • You'd get to apply all the machine learning techniques you worked so hard to learn
  • You would have a career that would impress family and friends

And then there's the compensation. See for yourself:


There is one little problem, however:

It's Damn Difficult To Break Into The Field! (but worth it)

See, there's a lot of people trying to break into the field now and they all look the same to recruiters. Plus, employers are reluctant to hire people who don't already have experience.

But how do you get experience if no one will hire you so you can get it? It's a Catch-22.

That was the problem I faced when I was trying to break into the field.

Actually, that was just one of the problems I faced.

You see, I don't have a degree in computer science or statistics. Mine is in math. And while math is a technical field, the kind I specialized in didn't really involve data.

When I left school, I got a job as a mathematician for a small technology company in Santa Barbara. It was okay, but after awhile I could tell that the stuff I was working on had very little chance of turning into something that would actually get used. And the company that I was at was starting to slow its growth.

In short, it wasn't very fulfilling.

Maybe you can relate. Perhaps you're still in school, wondering when you'll actually get to use your skills for something meaningful. Or you're a scientist or engineer in another field, envious of the opportunities that a career in data science provides.

So, I left my job. I wanted to get into this hot new field. But I didn't really know where to start.


I Hit Rock Bottom When A Recruiter Told Me That I Was "Unemployable"!

Fortunately, a good friend of mine got me a phone call with a recruiter who specialized in placing data scientists. This was my chance! I was smart. Surely, she'd recognize what a hot commodity I was and do a lot of the leg work for me.

One day, I got my chance: I spoke with the recruiter, Annemarie, and told her about my skills and background. I asked if she would represent me and introduce me to companies that were looking for data scientists.

She said no.

Actually, she said more than that. I'll never forget her exact words:

"You know what I see when I look at your resume? I see the story of someone who has no data science experience and yet is trying to break into the hottest field today. In my opinion, you are unemployable."

I was devastated. But looking back, I see now that the conversation with Annemarie became the defining moment in my quest to become a data scientist.

This Turned Out To Be The Wake-Up Call I Needed

I naively thought that just having knowledge and skill of data science would help me get a job. I had taken plenty of courses online and read textbooks, so I knew my stuff.

The problem was that my resume didn't show that. And my LinkedIn profile was pretty basic. Just a cut-and-paste of my resume, actually (I later learned that this was not the thing to do).

See, I had never done a real job search before. Getting that first job was pretty easy. The company came to campus specifically looking to hire. Turns out, that's actually pretty rare. So, I didn't know anything about what it really took to get a job.

Fortunately, I realized what the problem was. I stopped taking endless online courses trying to learn as much data science as I could and started learning about how to conduct an effective job search.

I learned how to create a great data science resume.

I learned not only how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile, but what actions I needed to take there in order to get recruiters to notice me.

I learned how to ace those take-home problem sets that every company loves to give data science applicants.

And I learned how to impress hiring managers, executives, and other data scientists who were interviewing me.

Today, I've got so many recruiters reaching out to me that I'm actually annoyed! What a great problem to have!

If only Annemarie could see me now.  🙂

You Must Couple Your Skill In Data Science With Skill In Conducting a Job Search!

Turns out there's a lot to know about job searching. Just having the technical skills for the job isn't nearly enough.

I started learning everything I could about how to get a job as a data scientist. But there wasn't really that much out there. And the stuff that existed was basically an ad hoc collection of assorted opinions. There wasn’t anything like a complete system that I could use.

I had to create one.

It took me quite awhile, and a lot of trial-and-error, but I did eventually figure it all out. Now, I have a system that I have used to get my last few jobs.

I’ve taken everything that I know and turned it into a step-by-step system that anyone can follow to get the data science career of their dreams. I’ve named this system Break Into Data Science, because that’s what it’s all about: a program to help you land that first job, even if the odds are stacked against you.

And I'm making it available to you, too.

Here's Just a Sample Of What You'll Learn

  • The exact Gmail plugin I used to stay on top of all my email exchanges with companies—and why you should use it too! (Module 1, Lesson 2)
  • Specific resources you can use for developing personal projects to give you that all-important experience every employer is looking for (Module 2, Lesson 1)
  • Exactly which online courses to take, which books to read, and in which order! (Module 2, Lesson 3)
  • The exact resource I used to effortlessly make my resume gorgeous and stand out from the crowd (Module 3, Lesson 2)
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile (Module 4, Lesson 2)
  • Specific examples of take-home problem sets that I was given in my job searches that you can study (Module 6, Lesson 1)
  • Detailed examples of questions you should ask during interviews and why this will blow them away. This is worth the price of course alone (Module 8, Lesson 2)
  • The secret "CART Principle" that will wow any employer (Module 9, Lesson 1)

This Is What You'll Get

Module 1: Laying The Foundation For a Successful—And Enjoyable!—Job Search

You’ll need more than data science knowledge to get a great job. This module will explain what’s needed.

Module 2: What Data Science You Absolutely Must Know

You need to divide your time between learning data science and your job hunt. We’ll show you how.

Module 3: Crafting a Winning Data Science Resume That Gets You An Interview

Here’s what will impress recruiters—and what will turn them off. (if you've listed any online courses on your resume, you need to take them off and we'll explain why).

Module 4: Mastering LinkedIn: How To Get Recruiters To Reach Out To You

LinkedIn is a critical aspect of your job search. As a data scientist, you've got to do a lot more than simply have a profile. We'll show you want to do.

Module 5: Designing a Personal Story That Makes You Stand Out

Creating a compelling story will make interviewers feel like they understand you. This module shows you how.

Module 6: How To Ace Those Take-Home Problem Sets

This is the biggest hurdle to getting an interview for a data science job. If you don’t pass these tests, your interviews with a company will end. This module will show you how to pass with flying colors.

Module 7: Identifying Why The Company Absolutely Must Have You

The company during the hiring has a problem they need solved. This module will show you how to figure out what that is.

Module 8: Mastering Phone Interviews: How To Get Them Excited To Bring You On-Site

From "get to know you" calls to challenging technical questions, these can be tough. This module will teach you how to make a great first impression.

Module 9: Mastering Site Interviews: Ensuring You And The Company Are A Perfect Fit For Each Other

Scared of being asked to solve "whiteboard" problems? Don't be. This module will teach you how to come across as a great addition to their team.

Module 10: Your First Few Weeks: Laying The Foundation For Success At Your New Job

This is the last hurdle to overcome in the process with a company. This module will teach you how to come across as a great addition to their team.

And Don't Forget Your Bonuses!

Bonus 1: Interview With Data Science Recruiter Nicole

Nicole tells you what she looks for when deciding whether to reach out to a candidate and what the biggest mistakes she sees data scientists doing.

Bonus 2: Interview With Top Job Hunting Coach Peri

This former IT Manger-turned-job coach spills the beans on some of the things that tech candidates underestimate the importance of—and how you can avoid doing the same!

Bonus 3: Membership In Our Secret Facebook Group

Want additional guidance on how to handle tough interview questions, touch up your resume, or how to tackle problem sets? We're all here to support and learn from each other (and I'm active in the group, too!)

There's A Lot More Than Just Videos!

In addition to all the videos—and there are over 30 of them—are the action guides. These are a key part of the Break Into Data Science system. If you’ve ever found yourself reading blog posts or listening to podcasts yet finding that you aren’t getting any more interviews, this is the piece you are missing!

Break Into Data Science is a comprehensive program that is designed to take you wherever you are in the job search process and lead you by the hand to landing the job of your dreams--quickly. Say goodbye to overwhelm and confusion and hello to clarity and step-by-step guidance.

What Makes You Think You Can Help Me?

Because I've had years of experience both interviewing for data science jobs and assessing candidates for jobs.

Because I've been recognized as an expert by other job search experts, educational institutions, and data scientists.

Because I've helped thousands of people just like you.

I've given talks at leading data science bootcamps, giving students the straight talk on what it takes to get a job in our highly-competitive field.

I've led "bootcamps" at a university in Silicon Valley where I've helped data scientists get great jobs.

I was a guest expert on SuperDataScience's popular podcast and my interview got over 2400 listens in the first day alone!

I am a heavily viewed (and heavily upvoted) contributor to Quora, where I've helped thousands of job seekers just like you.

So How Much Is It Worth To You To Take The Fast Train To Data Science Success?

Remember the stats of the salaries data scientists command? Research conducted by reports that the median annual Data Scientist salary across the US is $122,991, as of October, 2017. Performance and signing bonuses are fairly common and can increase that figure by and additional $5000–$25,000 per year.

I've helped thousands of beginning data scientists over the last few years, but never have I put everything I know together in one place. This is the complete system you need to land an exciting job in the hottest field today.

What would you be willing to pay for the "keys to the kingdom"? To stop spinning your wheels? To stop getting silence when you send your resume to a company you would really love to work for?

Since you'll probably land a six-figure job using this system, it would be reasonable for me to charge $1000 or more. After all, you'd still be getting a 100x return on your investment. If there was another training like this out there, that's probably what you'd end up paying.

But I've helped enough people out there to understand that you may not have that kind of money to invest in this system. And I want to help as many people as possible. So I've priced this at a measly $497 for the entire thing. That's the full ten-module program, with all the worksheets and other resources, along with the two bonus interviews and membership in the private Facebook group.

And don't forget all the new material that's coming in mid-December.

$497 is pretty damn cheap for a step-by-step system that gets you a 6-figure job, wouldn't you say?

Just $497!

I applied to a countless number of data scientist roles and did not receive one call for an interview. I thought I had built a fantastic resume that would get me into a data scientist role quickly, but this was obviously not the case.

After finishing the course, I took my notes and revamped my resume per the recommendations given.  That night, I applied to three jobs with my revamped resume. The next morning, I received a call for an interview from two of the three jobs. I am happy to say that I accepted a job with one of these companies, and forever thankful for the information given in the Break into Data Science course!  Had I not taken this course, I would still be submitting resumes hoping for an interview.

Mark, thank you for giving me the tools needed to land my dream career!

Newly-Hired Data Scientist

My Drop-Dead Easy, Unconditional 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

But I know you may be skeptical. And that's fine. Heck, that's a good quality for a data scientist to have, so I'm certainly not going to fault you for that if that's what you're feeling right now.

So that's why I'm backing up this course with a no-risk money-back guarantee.

I'm damn proud of what I've created over the years and I want you to have it. That's why I am willing to lift all the risk off of your shoulders and place it firmly onto mine and offer an iron-clad, 60 day money back guarantee.

If you don't agree that this is a magnificent training and worth far more than you paid for it, simply contact us and request a refund. You have a full two months to evaluate the Break Into Data Science system. And you can refund your money for any reason (or no reason at all).


Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with any aspect of this product, you may return it within 60 days and receive a complete refund.


What Are Your Other Options?

You have a few other choices, of course.

You could continue doing whatever you are currently doing. And you'll end up getting the results you're currently getting.

You could scour the web, cobbling together tips you learn from a blog post here, a podcast there, and try to figure out how to put them together into a coherent and self-consistent system. I can tell you right now that's a lot of work. And that's effort that you could be spending learning more about data science.

You could also reinvent the wheel and try to build a system based on your own experiences. This system took me years to develop, but let's say you could do it in six months of solid, full-time effort. Assuming your future salary would be $10,000/month, that's a loss of $60,000 in order to save $497.

Doesn't make much sense, does it?

Why not benefit from all my hard work, especially when there is a no-risk guarantee?

This Is The No-Risk Way To Get The Job Of Your Dreams!

So you know what to do. Click the "Add To Cart" button below to get instant access to the Break Into Data Science system.

Remember: this is an online course you could be accessing in as little as two minutes. Just think, you could be implementing these strategies and tactics as soon as today, which will put you on the pathway to success and achievement.

Or, you can totally ignore everything you've read up to this point and be happy with "the way things are" in your job search.

If you want to spend less time worrying about what you should be doing and more time getting interviews and impressing companies, click the Add To Cart button below and get access to the entire Break Into Data Science system for one payment of just $497.

Just $497!

I’ve recruited for some of the best shops in the industry including Uber, Riot Games, Udacity, Open Table, Ubiquiti Networks, and countless startups. Everyone needs an edge above the competition, and I’m confident Break Into Science will be that extra 1-2 punch needed to get the job.

As a recruiter, I’ve heard countless painful stories regarding the interview process for a Data Scientist position. The expectations are high, there’s always a ton of material covered, and candidates seem very confused on what to focus on. I’ve searched for methods, books and mentors to help my candidates, but I couldn’t find a one stop shop to learn everything needed to really get the job. Until I came across the Break Into Data Science system.  This system is unique because of the extremely insightful author Mark Meloon who has walked the walk.  I know this system will help countless candidates reach the confidence needed to get the job of their dreams.

Managing Director, Binary Search LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I'm new to data science and not ready to interview yet?

A: One of the major features of this course is a step-by-step learning path that tells you which online courses to take. You'll know exactly what data concepts you'll need to know when you do begin looking for a job. All this will save you valuable time and effort (and money!) as you learn about data science.

Q: Can I buy with Paypal?

Yes, you can pay with PayPal or any major credit card.

Q: What if I don't have any experience in data science?

A:We understand this is a major issue for many so we've taken pains to explain just how you can get experience, even if you've never held a data science job before.

Q: What if I don't learn anything new from the course?

That's unlikely, since I developed many of these techniques myself over several years. You won't find most of this information anywhere. But there is a 60-day money back guarantee. If you don't love this course, simply let us know and we'll refund every penny immediately.